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ELI Play collaborates with Picoo, Clip 'n Climb and Valo Motion.

We are the game changers! ELI Play is known as a product supplier, but that's going to change. Innovation is in the company's DNA and, with a few partnerships we are accelerating this even further. In 2017, ELI Play announced its collaboration with Picoo. Since February ELI Play also collaborates with Clip 'n Climb and Valo Motion.

Opportunities to play interactively are trending in the leisure industry. Developing your own elements takes a lot of time. That's why ELI Play actively seeks collaboration with innovative parties. By joining forces with specialists, ELI Play is at the forefront of developments in the sector.


Iris Soute of Picoo's goal was to develop interactive toys that would allow children to play actively as part of a team instead of staring at a screen all the time. The focus is not on the device, as with the mobile phone or a Wii game console. On the contrary, Picoo supports an innovative, active way of playing together. ELI Play saw a lot of potential in this and this year launched the product in the indoor leisure industry.

Clip n’ Climb

Clip 'n Climb's low-threshold climbing activity gives users unparalleled fun. This developer is already well known within the leisure industry. Clip 'n Climb is praised for its fun-climbing innovations. Each challenge is unique and suitable for each age group. This makes Clip n' Climb a great addition to the sport courses range of ELI Play.

Valo Motion

Last but not least, Valo Motion. ValoClimb - the original augmented climbing wall add an extra dimension to climbing walls. With its many possibilities, the interactive platform can be used in a wide variety of ways and can easily be incorporated into existing trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds. A combination of light and sound creates immersive play elements. Besides that, Valo Motion has a brand new product: ValoJump. It's an interactive game platform that boosts your trampolining like never seen before.

Would you like to know more about the many possibilities to record interactive games in a playground or trampoline park? Please do not hesitate to contact ELI Play via / +31 (0)411 745 300.

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