Picoo, the innovation of 2018 in the indoor playground industry

Picoo is the groundbreaking innovation of 2018 within the indoor Leisure industry. Bring your current playing structure up to date with the Picoo Pro Edition, Picoo's first indoor interactive games set.

Interactive playground equipment

Interactive playground equipment is becoming increasingly popular. Children are more and more in touch with modern technologies. That's why ELI Play has started the collaboration with Picoo. Picoo uniquely combines what kids love: interactive technology and active play.

Interactive playground games

Family entertainment centres and indoor playgrounds often create an interactive play area for their visitors. Interactive playground games provide fun and exercise for children. We offer both individual and multi-player games. Individual interactive games are often based on agility or speed and multi-player games offer challenge and competition.

Where can I buy the Picoo for my indoor playground?

Picoo is launching the Pro Set especially for ELI Play. The Picoo Pro Set can be integrated into any playing structure. Not only in the structures of ELI Play but also in the playing structures of other suppliers. The Pro Set comes in a set of 12 Picoo’s and 2 holders in which the Picoo’s can be charged. The set comes in the unique ELI Play blue colour.

Which games are delivered with the Picoo Pro Edition?

The Picoo comes standard with several games including Lightning bolt. The digital version of tag. One of the Picoo’s gets the ‘vibration’ at the beginning of the game. The player who has the ‘vibration’ has to chase other players. If another player comes close to the player who has the ‘vibration’, the vibration transfers to the other player. Besides that, Picoo offers team games, for example SpyHunt. Teams are divided in two teams after activating the game, team blue against team red. One of the players is a spy, this is not visible for the other players. But the spy feels like that his/her controller vibrates. The goal is to protect the spy and hold the vibration in your own team. The team that has the spy at the end of the game is the winner.

Unique games for indoor playgrounds are currently being developed. For example, Whack a mole. In this game, moles are hiding in the play structure and you have to find them. There are three levels in this game. In the first level 5 moles are hidden; in the 2nd level, 3; and in final level only 1 mole is remaining. The player that finds the last mole wins the game. Furthermore, the Power Tower game will be uniquely developed for ELI Play. This game makes the Power Tower in your playground even more unique!

The games are activated by using smart cards and tags that are integrated into your playing structure. In addition, the Picoo is regularly updated with new games for a constant challenge.

Picoo, only available at ELI Play

The Pro Edition has been developed exclusively for indoor playgrounds and is only available via ELI Play. Do you want to know more about Picoo? Are you curious about the added value of Picoo for your indoor playground? Don’t hesitate to contact our sales department or request more information.


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