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Welcome to our dynamic world of sports and play. We are ambitious. We want to set an example for the leisure industry. We help entrepreneurs to realise their financing, design and opening of their own tailor-made leisure park.

ELI Play consists of a team of approximately 120 employees. We design and produce surprising and versatile playgrounds. Our products offer timeless joy for both children and adults. And we enjoy them just as much. We love what we do. ‘Every day a happy day’. All our knowledge and experience is used to design and create our products. We operate from our brand-new, state-of-the-art factory in Boxtel, in the south of the Netherlands. Everything we deliver is tailor-made.

We keep introducing discoveries and additions, continuously allowing entrepreneurs to expand their park and maintain their competitive advantage. Strategic marketing and preventive maintenance allow us to contribute even more to the growth of their enterprise, now, and long into the future. On a global scale.

ELI is our true partner: reliable, innovative and very collaborative. Together we've built the best and biggest trampoline parks in Poland: GOjump. Both design and installation process was super smooth and professional!

Maciej Tkacz, GOjump

It is a privilege to do what you love most. Not everyone can do that. I am very grateful that I can.

Eric Verstappen, Founder ELI Play

ELI PLAY Customers

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