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We are a supplier and manufacturer of surprising and versatile indoor playgrounds in-house. Our soft play areas, trampoline parks and sports courses offer timeless joy for both children and adults. It is a great feeling to be able to design the dreams of entrepreneurs, creating play equipment of the highest level of quality and reliability. We determine the trends in our field and invent new concepts. Every entrepreneur can count on us, now, and long into the future. On a global scale. We consider ‘every day a happy day’.

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The ELI Play Roadmap

Do you dream of your own indoor soft play area, trampoline park or sport track? Go for it, because this industry is great fun for entrepreneurs and visitors! Or, as we say at ELI Play: 'Every day a happy day'.

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Dream & Consider

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The advantages of a kids play area in your organization

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10 Tips for maintaining your indoor playground!

Maintaining your indoor playground or trampoline park is crucial for your business success.

Operate & Optimise

Marketing plan for your company

Q&A: How do I promote my indoor playground or trampoline park and attract more visitors?

Dream & Consider

Jump XL Lille off to a flying start

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