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On this page, you will find the answers to questions we are often asked by our customers about kids corners, playgrounds and trampoline parks. If you are looking for other information about our company or products, please contact our sales department. We will be happy to help you.
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    1. I would like to start an indoor playground or trampoline park? Where do I start?

    We like to support entrepreneurs by realizing their dreams. Therefore, we have written a step-by-step plan. Here you will find information about various phases of the process, such as the orientation phase, the opening of the park, and of course the maintenance and development of your park. Open step-by-step plan.

    If you are seriously considering starting your own leisure activity, please provide us with all relevant information about your project by mail via or call us on +31 (0)411 745 300.

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    2. What services provides ELI Play in the process of starting a leisure activity?

    ELI Play designs, produces, installs and maintains indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, sport courses and HiT iT! arenas. ELI Play was founded in 1994 and has a lot of experience in the leisure industry. Contact us to discuss your ideas for starting a leisure business. It is important that we receive as much information as possible, such as the location, drawings of the building and the equipment you would like to integrate in your park.

    Based on this information, one of our designers will work on a design. Our designers takes the wishes of our customers into account and create a design that fits the location as efficiently as possible. When the customer approves the final design, the technical drawing will be made so our production department can get to work.

    All our equipment is made in our own production facility in Boxtel, the Netherlands. We deliver the equipment on site and our installation team will make sure the approved design will be built. When the park has been delivered according the customer’s satisfaction, the time has come to open the doors of your park and welcome the first visitors. We will be happy to support you after the opening with maintenance and reparations of the equipment or an expansion of the park.

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    3. Can I receive a catalog or brochure?

    ELI Play offers professional play equipment for indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks. Therefore, we have created a catalog with all product information.

    Are you in the orientation phase for starting a new leisure activity? Would you like to know what kind of products we offer? Our catalog contains information, lay-outs and photos of trampoline parks and playgrounds designed, produced and installed by ELI Play.

    Request a catalog.

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    4. Why should I choose ELI Play as supplier?

    ELI Play is a professional supplier of indoor play equipment. With more than 30 years of experience, we are the experts in de leisure industry. We have installed more than 2,500 indoor playgrounds and 300 trampoline parks worldwide. Our products offer timeless joy for both children and adults.

    Our head office and production facility are located in Boxtel, the Netherlands. Together with entrepreneurs we create the most unique parks. We start with a custom design in which the available space is efficiently allocated. The wishes of our customers and the capacity are important factors in this process.

    Our specialists create technical drawings of the design which then will be produced in our production facility. This allows us to closely monitor the process and produce equipment of the highest quality and reliability, complying to the latest standards.

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    5. What are the average sizes of playgrounds and trampoline parks?

    Our indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks are custom made. We offer play structures for various locations, for example childcare centres, restaurants, garden centres, shopping malls, hotels, playgrounds and family entertainment centres. The size of the park is based on the available space that the location of the customer offers.

    The average size of a kids corner is between 10 m² and 50 m². A play structure for a Family Entertainment Centre is of course much larger. A playground with climbing equipment, slides, rope bridges can easily cover an area of more than 2,000 m².

    Just as with playgrounds, trampoline parks are also designed based on the available space that the building offers and the wishes and dreams of the customers. In addition, you need to decide whether you want to create a catering facility and seating area for visitors.

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    6. Is ELI play’s play equipment safe?

    We have installed playground equipment for projects all over the world. From small kids corners to large indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks. We carefully select our materials and ensure that our designs are made in compliance with the European standards. We are member of the international leisure industry associations and the norm commission for trampoline park equipment. Safety is our top priority.

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    7. How to inspect and maintain playground and trampoline park equipment?

    It is important to regularly maintain the equipment to guarantee the lowest risk level, and to optimize the customer’s experience. Besides that, it’s important for the quality and reliability of the equipment. ELI Play provides comprehensive maintenance manuals and checklists for all its installed parks.

    Please find all relevant articles about maintenance by clicking on the following links:

    Do you have play equipment that is damaged or broken? Contact us directly to prevent unsafe situations. Mail to or call +31 (0)411 745 300.

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    8. Where can I buy foam blocks for trampoline parks, ninja courses, gymnastic halls or skate parks?

    You can order foam blocks for your trampoline park, ninja course, gymnastics hall or skate park at ELI Play. We supply fire retardant foam blocks with a standard size of 200 x 200 x 200 mm.. Our foam blocks are available in light grey, anthracite, red, blue, green, orange, yellow and purple.

    For more information or to order foam blocks, take a look at our foam block page.

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    9. Does ELI Play supply play equipment outside Europe?

    Definitely! We supply play equipment for indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks worldwide. In the past 30 years, we have installed more than 2,500 indoor playgrounds and 300 trampoline parks in more than 45 countries.

    Our sales offices are located in different countries in Europe: The Netherlands, Germany, France and Denmark. We manufacture all our products in our own production facility in Boxtel, The Netherlands, and supply our products all over the world. On our website you will find a map that shows our realized projects.

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    10. Can I visit ELI Play’s production facility?

    Of course, you can make an appointment with one of our account managers to visit our head office and production facility. You will see the labour-intensive process of making products for playgrounds and trampoline parks.

    Watch our corporate video for an introduction to our organization.

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    11. Are there reopening guidelines for trampoline parks and playgrounds?

    The coronavirus has a major impact on the leisure industry. The American leisure industry organisations IAAPA and IATP share a covid-19 reopening guidance for leisure parks. You will find information and precautions for a reopening of your park. Read this article in our Ins & Outs magazine.

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