Safety statement

Fun and Happiness, Innovation and Reliability are the core values that ELI Play stands for.

ELI Play wants 'Every Day a Happy Day' for its customers and visitors. We want to achieve this with attractive and versatile playground equipment, trampoline parks and sports courses. Innovation and reliability are central in this respect.

What does this mean for you?

At ELI Play, we are constantly working on improving our organisation. We do this by:

  • Developing safe products with a high quality;
  • Mapping our critical process steps and improving them where necessary;
  • Continuous learning: we are a self-learning organisation. This enables us to adapt quickly to new developments;
  • Being a leader in the field of safety by participating in various NEN committees in the field of indoor playgrounds and trampoline parks;
  • Continuous improvement of our product knowledge. We know the characteristics of our various products, which means that we produce a safe operating environment;
  • Collaborating with our suppliers. As a result, we have gathered a circle of companies around us that only supply high-quality, certified materials.

Continuously developing knowledge in the field of the prevailing standards within our field of expertise.

For you, this means that we place high demands on our products. As a result, we develop high-quality and safe playgrounds and trampoline parks for you and your users. You can rest assured that this is the case!

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