Start your own trampoline park or playground

Do you dream of your own indoor leisure location? Go for it, because this industry is great fun for entrepreneurs and visitors! We manufacture play equipment for trampoline parks, playgrounds, sport courses and HiT iT! arenas. Our roadmap will help you bring your dreams to life.

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    1. Are you starting your own indoor playground or trampoline park?

    Developing and opening your own leisure location is not something you decide overnight. You might be wondering whether starting a laser park, an indoor children's playground or a trampoline park is something for you and what it takes. What are the phases you have to go through and what can you learn from others who already took this exciting step into the unknown?

    At ELI Play, we have been in close contact with a wide range of entrepreneurs for more than 30 years: from starters to experienced investors. This plan will take you through the important steps that must be taken to make your ideal location a personal and business success.

    Please have a look at our Ins & Outs magazine and be inspired by the success stories of entrepreneurs who have already worked with ELI Play.

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    2. What steps do you need to take to start your own Indoor Leisure activity?

    You are seriously considering starting your own Leisure activity. An exciting moment! During your ‘considering’ phase you determine which activity suits you best. Are you going for ‘sports’, ‘play’ or ‘jump’? In all cases, you've come to the right address; we love to help you.

    In this exploratory phase, it is of the utmost importance to gain inspiration and literally see the developments and what's for sale. You undoubtedly have loads of questions, which we are happy to answer. This is the time to make an appointment with one of our account managers to visit our production facility. We will explain what ELI play can fo for you right now, and especially after the opening of your own park. In this phase, we like to elaborate a first design and jointly explore the investments you need to make.

    While working on your business plan, you will undoubtedly do location research, map out the possibility of financing, request figures from industry associations and make a competition analysis.

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    3. What is the investment of an indoor playground or trampoline park?

    On the basis of your business plan, you have completed the financing. The start of your own park is in sight!

    The next step is to decide on the purchase. Together we will zoom in on the number of visitors that you may expect and the layout that best suits this number. Once we have ticked all the details, we will start with the final design and make a suitable production planning.

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    4. Design and manufacture of your indoor activity by ELI Play

    We have now signed our collaboration. The ELI Play team is going to work for you. During production, we will keep you accurately informed of the progress. As soon as we complete the production of the components ordered by you at our production site in Boxtel, our specialists come to install your park. Your dream will now become reality!

    At this stage, you are obviously getting warmed up for the opening. In this phase it is imporant to hire and train your staff, set up the catering facilities, promote your park in the area and organise a spectacular opening!

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    5. The opening of your own indoor playground or trampoline park

    The opening day is highlighted in your agenda. Of course, you will now be faced with questions such as ‘how do I maintain my structure’ and ‘what can ELI Play do for us’. This is the moment we introduce you to the colleagues of our service department. They will support you with the maintenance and any repairs of your park.

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    6. This is how you can invest and develop your indoor playground or trampoline park!

    You have been open for some time; it is important to keep the number of visitors high and, if possible, increase this number. A constant work in progress. We will therefore keep you informed of new developments and smart discoveries of fellow entrepreneurs with our Ins & Outs magazine. Besides that, In addition, you will be kept informed of new developments by subscribing to our online newsletter via the website.

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