Foam blocks

Foam blocks for trampoline parks, gymnastic facilities, extreme sports and more!

Foam blocks for trampoline parks, gymnastics facilities/centres, ninja courses, BMX and skate parks.

We supply foam blocks / cubes to use when practicing various sports. Our foam blocks can be used for foam pits at gymnastics facilities, trampoline parks, ninja courses, BMX and skateboarding parks and many more places. Our high quality foam blocks are perfect for athletes to make soft and safe landings.

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ELI Play foam blokken

  • Flame retardent

    Our foam blocks meet the fire standards M4 and Crib 5.

  • Affordable prices

    Take advantage of our competitive prices.

  • Available from stock

    Our foam blocks are available from stock.

  • Various colours available

    Light grey, anthracite, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple

Eigenschappen van de foam blokken

Supplier of foam blocks

ELI Play supplies foam blocks for trampoline parks, gymnastics facilities, ninja courses, BMX and skate parks and more. The soft foam blocks have a standard size of 200 x 200 x 200 mm. Our foam blocks are available in the standard colours of light grey, anthracite, red, blue, green, orange, yellow and purple. If you would like to receive more information or a quotation, please fill out the form above or send an email to

Foam pit trampoline park

The Foam pit is a popular event in trampoline parks. Our foam blocks can be used for the following attractions: stunt zone, waterfall trampolines, trapeze and Ninja course. The foam pit with foam blocks provide fun, challenge and a soft landing while practicing trampoline stunts. When a jumper makes a swing in the trapeze and jumps at the highest point, the foam blocks ensure a soft landing. In addition, the foam pit blocks ensure safe landings to the jumpers when they lose their balance on the slack line, battle beam or rolling barrel.
Would you like to know more about trampoline parks? Visit our website for all information about our trampoline park equipment.

Foam pit cubes for gymnastics

The foam pit is invented for practicing gymnastics. The foam pit cubes allow gymnasts to practice stunts and make a soft landing during their training. The safety of the athletes is the most important aspect when practicing stunts. Would you like to buy foam pit cubes for your gymnastics centre? Please, send us a request for a quotation.

Ninja course with foam pit

Thanks to the successful TV program Ninja Warrior, the Ninja course is a trend in trampoline parks and sport facilities. Ninja courses offer challenges and fun for both young adults as children. The Ninja course is often installed in combination with a foam pit, if visitors lose their balance on an obstacle they make a soft landing on the foam blocks.

Foam blocks for bmx parks or skate parks

Foam blocks can be used for extreme sports like BMX or skateboarding. Visitors of these parks are always looking for challenges. Sport parks add a foam pit for visitors to practice new stunts and tricks and to ensure safe landings and minimizing the risk of injury.

Buy foam blocks for sport facilities

Would you like to add a foam pit in your sport centre? Choose the colour of foam blocks that fit the other equipment or corporate style of your park.

As described above foam pit blocks can be used for various sport facilities, like trampoline parks and gymnastics centres. Do you need foam blocks for another project? Of course, that is possible. Send an email to We are happy to help you.

Replace damaged foam pit blocks

Due to the intensive use of the foam pit, it is important to maintain this event properly. This means that the foam pit must be checked regularly to ensure that it is fully and equally filled and the foam blocks are not damaged. To avoid dangerous situations, damaged blocks must be replaced. New foam blocks can easily be ordered at ELI Play.

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