Family Entertainment Centers are becoming increasingly popular, and we would like to offer our customers a one-stop-leisure-shop. Therefore, we work with specialised partners for this kind of products. Our specialism is creating indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks and HiT iT! games. We can offer this product if it is a part of a total concept that also includes an indoor playground, trampoline park or HiT iT! Arena.

Children love laser tag! The Laser tag game for kids is ideal for children’s parties, family- and class outings. The perfect addition for playgrounds and family entertainment centers.

What is Laser tag for kids?

Discover Laser tag for kids at ELI Play! Laser tag is an interactive game where players have to hit their opponents with a Laser tag gun. This gun is also the target that has to be hit to earn points, the players do not wear a vest. The Laser tag gun is easy to use and the real time score of the player is directly visible on their weapon.

Laser game for playgrounds and FEC

Are you looking for a new event for your playground or FEC? The Laser tag for kids is the perfect attraction that keeps visitors coming back to your park. The atmosphere of the environment provides the extra experience! Add special lighting and a theme to the laser tag arena, such as Space or Ghosts, to create an exciting game!

Laser tag arena

The Laser tag arena can be installed as a standalone attraction or as part of the park. Based on the available space a custom made Laser tag arena can be developed.

Curious about the possibilities of Laser tag for kids?

Please contact our sales team to discuss the possibilities. We are happy to advise you on the integration of this event into your leisure park.

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  • Interactive laser game
  • Suitable for 8 players
  • Easy to operate
  • Shoot with 2 lasers (green and red)
  • Real time score visible on weapon
  • Perfect for playgrounds and FECs
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