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Are you a real trampoline expert?

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Take the Trampoline test of ELI Play

Does trampoline jumping excite you? Are you a real trampoline connoisseur? Or have you always dreamed of starting your own trampoline park? Take the ELI Play test and find out if you are a trampoline expert.

1: How many muscles do you use while trampolining?

A. 180
B. 250
C. 400
D. 650
Good answer: 400 muscles. During trampolining you use almost all your muscle groups. Landing and pushing off require a lot of effort, think of your hamstrings and calf muscles. You also use your abdominal muscles during every jump to stay in balance and land straight.

2: 10 minutes of trampolining is equivalent to .....

A. 30 minutes running
B. 1 hour swimming
C. 1 hour canoeing
D. 1,5 hiking
Good answer: 30 minutes running. Trampolining is a real sport! The movement you make is similar to running, but the trampoline absorbs the shocks. As a result, the blows to your feet and legs are not that hard, which means fewer injuries.

3: Since when has trampolining been an Olympic sport?

A. 1994
B. 1998
C. 2000
D. 2004
Good answer: 2000. During the Summer Olympics in Sydney, trampoline jumping was added to the programme for the first time as a sport, while the first Trampoline Gymnastics World Cup took place in 1964.

4: When did ELI Play place its first trampoline park?

A. 2008
B. 2010
C. 2012
D. 2014
Good answer: 2012. The first trampoline park that ELI Play delivered is the Superfun play paradise in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. The hype originated in America and later made its way to Europe. Since 2015, the trampoline trend really broke through in Europe. Thanks to the new trampoline system you can always add / replace new elements in the future. Want to know more? Contact ELI Play!

5: What is a 'Barani'?

A. A forward somersault with a half screw
B. A rollover
C. A backward somersault
D. A stretched somersault
Good answer: The Barani is a forward somersault with a half screw. It is named after the Italian circus acrobat Alfonso Baroni, who first did the trick in 1881. The Barani is also called the Front 180.

6: How many metres is the highest trampoline jump according to the Guinness world record?

A. 4.23 metres
B. 5.16 metres
C. 6.73 meters
D. 10.64 metres
Good answer: 6.73 metres. The jump was performed on April 8, 2014 by Sean Kennedy on the set of NBC's "today" in New York.

7: How long are the trampoline springs in the main area in the ELI Play trampoline parks?

A. 16 cm
B. 20 cm
C. 25 cm
D. 12 cm
Good answer: 20 cm. The springs of ELI Play ensure optimal jumping results and are regularly tested.

8: What is no element in the ELI Play trampoline parks?

A. Ladder challenge
B. Ninja course
C. Stunt Arena
D. Climbing volcano
Good answer: Climbing volcano. The climbing volcano is an element for the indoor playgrounds. The Ninja course, ladder challenge and Stunt arena are popular in the skills area.

9: How many G-forces does a jumper have to deal with while jumping straight up and down?

A. 1G
B. 2G
C. 4G
D. 6G
Good answer: 2G. Trampolining is playing with gravity. The higher you jump, the longer you stay in the air and the more tricks you can perform. When you jump straight up and down you'll get about 2G, but a somersault or double screw will cause 3.5G!

10: Who invented the trampoline

A. George Nissen
B. Irina Karavayeva
C. Dong Dong
D. Chester Greenwood
Good answer: George Nissen. He came up with the idea of the trampoline in the circus. He saw a trapeze acrobat falling on the safety net; he sprung up a little bit and did a somersault. He wanted to create something that would allow the trapeze artists to constantly perform these stunts. And this eventually resulted in the trampoline.
0-3 good questions (0 to 30 points):

Too bad! But don't worry, there will be many more quizzes from ELI Play where you can test your knowledge.

4-5 good questions (40 to 50 points):

You are on the right track! At this moment you are not yet a trampoline expert, but this will certainly happen in the future!

6-8 good questions (60 to 80 points):

Really well done! Just a little more practice and you can call yourself a trampoline expert!

9-10 good questions (90 to 100 points):

Wow! You are the ultimate trampoline connoisseur!

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