Stunts and tricks in your trampoline park

The Stunt Area is a concept at ELI Play. A great attraction for anyone who is looking for extra challenges outside the standard trampoline fields.


The Stunt Area is made up of different, challenging elements. You can choose from elements such as Battle Beams, RollingBarrel, Slackline, Rolling Barrel and/or Waterfall Trampolines. The Stunt Area is an area that is constantly evolving. The Area is always provided with a safe subfloor, such as a FoamPit or an Airbag. Soft boards and landing mats are placed around the area for fall damping.

  • Battle Beam

Visitors can challenge each other for a game on the Battle Beam. Two players are standing on the small beam with a battle stick. With the sticks they can try to push each other off the beam. The last man standing wins the battle. The Battle Beam is equipped with soft materials for safety. This event can be combined with a Foam Pit, Airbag or above a deck.

  • Slackline

Slacklining is becoming more popular. Challenge visitors to test their balance and acrobatic skills! The Slackline is a tensioned band above the Foam pit, Airbag or decks. Who can manage to walk to the other side without falling?

  • Rolling Barrel

The Rolling Barrel consists of four separated barrels that start spinning when you try to walk on them. So, it is a real challenge to get across without falling. Balance, speed and agility are success factors. The Rolling Barrel can be combined with a Foam pit, Airbag or decks.

  • Waterfall Trampolines

The Waterfall trampoline has a round run-off that ensures that jumpers can safely jump into the Foam pit. Jumpers can practice new tricks on the Waterfall trampoline. This trampoline is always installed in combination with a Foam pit.

  • Jump Box

The Jump Box is an angled trampoline, this makes it easy for jumpers to jump higher and fly further. The Jump Box can be installed in combination with a Foam pit or Airbag.

  • Jump Blocks

Our Jump Blocks are created to practice tricks before you jump into the Foam pit or Airbag. Jump from a block to the trampoline and from the trampoline to the Airbag or Foam pit.


The Stunt Arena is a separate area within a trampoline park.


The Stunt Area should always have supervision. Supervisors should ensure that children use the elements correctly.


The Stunt Area requires some maintenance. Because a Foampit is included under the Stunt Area, it should be cleaned regularly. Additionally, all the elements should be checked regularly.

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  • Minimum age seven years
  • Supervision needed
  • Many different elements possible
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