Family Entertainment Centers are becoming increasingly popular, and we would like to offer our customers a one-stop-leisure-shop. Therefore, we work with specialised partners for this kind of products. Our specialism is creating indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks and HiT iT! games. We can offer this product if it is a part of a total concept that also includes an indoor playground, trampoline park or HiT iT! Arena.

Glow in the Dark Minigolf is a colourful and magical experience. This game can be played with the whole family. Therefore, this is a perfect event for all leisure centres.

The success of Glow in the Dark Minigolf

Visitors step into the Minigolf zone and get the wow-feeling. In the dark area with black light, objects with fluorescent colours appear everywhere. The walls with colourful paintings, 3D theming objects, the golf courses, golf clubs and balls. The atmosphere makes this experience definitely different from the traditional variant of indoor mini golf. The aim of the game is of course to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Each course is unique and visitors will definitely come back to play again!

Activities and attractions for FECs

Glow in the Dark minigolf is a perfect activity for Family Entertainment Centers. Why? The game is suitable for all target groups: children, families, groups of friends, grandparents with their grandchildren and colleagues. Everyone will enjoy a game of minigolf in this colourful world.

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  • Standalone attraction
  • 18 unique golf courses
  • Perfect for playgrounds and FECs
  • Various themes available
  • Suitable for all age groups
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