Playing with the Fun Blocks of ELI Play

The ELI Play Fun Block Area offers endless fun and boundless options. Is also stimulates the development of motor skills in children.


ELI Play offers two types of building blocks to create the Fun Block Area: FunBlocks and ELIBlocks.


The FunBlocks are made from environmentally friendly polyethylene, with smooth edges and angles. The blocks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The FunBlocks are sold in a set of 106 blocks.


ELIBlocks are extra soft and suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers. These blocks are excellently suitable for play areas in hospitals, clinics, toddler areas and waiting areas. The blocks are sold in a set of 42 blocks.


The ELI Play Fun Blocks Area can be placed as a standalone device, or integrated into a play structure. The room is surrounded by netting, and equipped with a compact entrance, offering safe entry to children.


For the littlest ones, up to 4 years old, we recommend the ELIBlocks. These are softer than the FunBlocks, and even safer to use. Every Fun Block Area is fitted with shock absorbing floorboards for additional safety.

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  • Soft blocks especially made for the youngest children
  • ELIBlocks are sold in a set of 42 blocks
  • FunBlocks are sold in a set of 106 blocks
  • Every ELIBlocks and FunBlocks set contains several sizes
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