Indoor Play Structure of ELI Play

The ELI Play play structure is the focal point of every park, integrating not only elements such as a Donut Glider, RollerRun and a Power Tower but also all general play elements.


Each play structure is built from a sturdy 48.3 millimetre tubular frame, covered with soft materials. All ELI Play activities such as the Donut Glider, but also smaller play elements such as Punching Balls, Snakes and Pyramids, can be linked to this central element. These elements are all made primarily from foam and vinyl.


Because of the play structure’s role as the centre of the park, it is used as a basis for the design. There are different options available, suitable for different age categories, ranging from two to twelve years of age.


ELI Play’s play devices are designed in compliance with the EN 1176-10 standard. This is the European regulation used for the certification of play devices.


Every ELI Play play structure can be easily expanded by adding elements. These are connected using steel tubes and floorboards.

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  • Designed in compliance with the EN1176-10 standard
  • The vinyl and foam are available in over ten different colours
  • Sturdy 48.3 millimetre tubular frame
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