The RollerRun is a conveyor belt where children slide down in a slider.


The RollerRun consists of one or more tracks. From the starting point, children slide down in slides on the conveyor belts, at full speed. The space on both sides is protected with nets. The steel structure is coated with soft materials. At the bottom of the slide is a slowdown area to slow down the children.


The RollerRun can be placed as a standalone attraction or incorporated into a playground. As an independent attraction, we often offer double tracks for additional competition.


Each RollerRun is provided with netting and the tubular frame is coated with soft materials to guarantee soft landings.


Little maintenance is needed to keep the RollerRun in optimal condition. Although the slides and conveyor belts must be checked regularly to maintain the enjoyment of the RollerRun.

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  • The RollerRun comes with five slides per track
  • The capacity of the structure is one child per sled
  • Supervision is necessary to ensure that children do not collide
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