Donut Glider, the indoor tubing track

If you go on winter holidays to the snow, you might know the Donut Glider. ELI Play has made this downhill slide suitable for use in indoor parks.


The Donut Glider is made from plastic floor mats in the colours white, light green, light blue or orange. The slide can go straight down, but it can also be designed with one or more curves. The children slide downhill safely in a reinforced donut.


When used as a standalone device, the Donut Glider can be equipped with stairs to climb up. However, the Donut Glider offers even more of a challenge when it is part of a play structure. Children face additional challenges because they have to climb the structure before reaching the Donut Glider.


The Donut Glider is made from open-structured mats. It is very important that these mats are cleaned at least once a year. They will retain their shine if they are regularly treated with a special coating. This will also improve the friction properties, allowing the children to slide down faster.


The Donut Glider can be fitted as a standalone structure or as an addition.

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  • The floor mats are available in white, light green, light blue and orange
  • The donuts are available in four colours: red, blue, yellow and green
  • The diameter of the donut is 77.5 centimetres
  • The minimal length of the total structure is 16 metres
  • Every Donut Glider is delivered with five donuts
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