Valo Motion, physical gaming now available at ELI Play!

Valo Motion focuses on the future of sports and games! Physical gaming is the new trend in the leisure industry. Discover the ValoJump and ValoClimb in the ELI Play range.

ValoClimb, Augmented Climbing

ValoClimb® is an interactive game platform for climbing walls that includes seven original games. Games contain dozens of modes and plenty of different levels. Game selection covers single and two-player games, including the viral sensation Climball as well as Shadowlings, a game which interacts with the climber’s shadow! It's possible to add a ValoClimb as standalone attraction in an indoor playground, trampoline parks or family entertainment center. An interactive climbing wall is an innovativation for your park.

Available games: Astromania, Climball, Sparks, Whack-a-bat, Augmented Problems, Flash, Shadowlings and Hullaballoon.

What is ValoJump?

ValoJump® is an interactive trampoline game platform that comes with several entertaining game and training applications, as well as several pre-installed levels. Game selection includes single and two-player games, including the award winning and world’s first two-player game for trampolines, Super Stomp! The games of ValoJump are fantastic for both children and adults. Sports is combined with technology and fun!

ValoJump for indoor playgrounds or family entertainment centers

We offer the ValoJump single and the ValoJump double as standalone attraction for indoor playgrounds. The different games offer fun and challenging and kids love to jump.

ValoJump for trampoline parks

The ValoJump gives trampoline parks an enormous, innovative boost! The ValoJump can be integrated in new trampoline parks. Besides that, it is possible to add the ValoJump in an existing trampoline park as an extension.

  • Available single-player games: Skytails, Toywatch, Jump Theater, Trax and training applications.
  • Available two-player games: Super Stomp, The Skytails Race and Jumpball

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  • Interactive elements
  • Can be integrated in trampoline parks
  • Stand alone attraction for playgrounds
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