The Multi Sport Arena is an activity for young and old!

Children can play ball games in a safe environment without balls flying around uncontrolled.


The Multi Sport Arena consists of a frame of round tubes that is coated with soft materials. Netting is placed between the tubes to ensure that the ball stays within the arena.


The Multi Sport Arena has options for various ball games including football and basketball. The whole family can participate; the Arena is suitable for all ages. The Arena can be placed freestanding, but it can also be integrated into a play structure, both on the ground and in height.


Both the sides and the top of the Multi Sport Arena are protected with netting. This keeps the balls within the structure. Because of the soft materials, the whole family is also well protected from the consequences of falls.

Expansion and interaction

The Multi Sport Arena is the perfect expansion of existing playgrounds, and is attractive for older people as well as families. The Multi Sport Arena can be expanded with a synthetic grass floor or an AirTrack. To create more interaction, you can add a DodgeAttack or PowrPlay.

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  • Themed boarding possible
  • Capacity from six people
  • Different sizes possible
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