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Interactive games for trampoline parks

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Popular interactive events for trampoline parks

Create more interaction in your trampoline park. Interactive games are popular among kids and teens. Therefore, interactive games can be a great addition to trampoline parks. We offer various interactive equipment for your park.

Interactive events ELI Play


HiT iT! is a spectacular and unique event developed by ELI Play! It is an interactive arena with various events and integrated targets. The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible. By using RFID wristbands players are able to scan targets and earn points. The targets that are the hardest to hit bring more points than the targets that are easy to hit. It is a real challenge for all age groups!

More information about HiT iT!.


The ValoJump gives trampoline parks an enormous, innovative boost! The player moves – on a trampoline – through a platform games where points van be earned or enemies defeated. Maximum 1 player per ValoJump device. Duo games can be played, when two ValoJump units are connected to each other.

More information about the ValoJump.


An interactive game platform for climbing walls that includes seven original games. The games are suitable for ages and can be played with 1 or 2 players. Different worlds are displayed on the climbing wall to create interactive experiences.

More information about the ValoClimb.

Double ValoJump installation trampoline park


The CardioWall FreeStyle Duo tests reaction speed, visual alertness, hand-eye coordination and jumping accuracy. The CardioWall Freestyle Duo consists of two game boards with pods. The Multi-Player Launch console enables players to choose a 2-player duel.

More information about the CardioWall.

High-9 Duo

High-9 is an interactive trampoline height challenge that seriously tests players’ bounce control and hand-eye coordination. The High-9 consists of 3 triangular mouldings with lightpods – best installed as a pair (‘Duo’) for 1 v 1 battles. Players jump on the trampoline and hit the lights to score points.

More information about the High-9 Duo.


SkyPods can be integrated in the wall and installed in any configuration of 5, 7 or 9 pods and as a competing pair (SkyPods Duo). Add a colourful print on the backwall to create an eye-catching feature piece. SkyPods is suitable for all ages and abilities.

More information about SkyPods.


The Trailblazer is an interactive climbing wall, and is available in two format options – wall-mounted, or standalone as a hexagon. The easy-to-hold, light-up grips and the sound effects make climbing even more fun! Bespoke front graphics that match your organisation’s branding make this a stand-out feature in your park.

More information about the Trailblazer.


Interactive targets and scoreboard that can be added to any Dodgeball court of Multi-Sport arena. Work as a team to hit your opponents’ interactive targets, whilst defending your own. The scoreboard automatically tracks the scores, so minimal marshalling required.

More information about the DodgeAttack.


PowrPlay is an exciting interactive target system for Multi-Sport Arenas. Brightly lit targets which flash and make exciting sounds when hit, add a new dimension of fun for all players. The scoreboard automatically tracks the scores, so minimal marshalling required.

More information about the PowrPlay.

Multi-Sport arena with DodgeAttack and Airtrack


Create an interactive WalkWall! Add the interactive target pads to challenge users and make the wall even more spectacular. Various game programmes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Use creative backing graphics to make this a stand out feature in your park.

More information about the WallRider.


The AeroStrike can be added to a Cageball or small-court arena. When a target is hit, it flashes, gives a ‘goal scored’ sound, and the hit is registered on the scoreboard. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. An exciting challenge for all ages!

More information about the AeroStrike.


Market your park online with SelfieCam – gameified sharable boomerang videos. Scan the code, record your jump-clip and share! Custom video overlay with your park branding, help your customers market for you. These videos are easy to share on various social media channels.

More information about the SelfieCam.

Timer system

Timer systems work great for competitions! Add a Trigger Trac Timer System to the Ninja course, Parkour or assault course. It is possible to add a single or double timer system.

More information about the Trigger Trac timer system.


The iWall can be used for exercises, training work-outs and fun! The iWall consists of a wall with two screens and a play area for two players. The motion sensor records the movements of the players and shows them on the screens.

More information about the iWall.

Add interactive equipment into your trampoline park

Request our catalog with information about our interactive equipment. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via or +31(0)411 745 300.

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