Interactive game elements for trampoline parks

The interactive games of Rugged Interactive make trampoline jumping even more fun! Rugged Interactive offers games that can be placed at different trampolines. This ensures that visitors are challenged even more and want to stay longer in your park.

Reaction Games

CardioWall FreeStyle Duo

The CardioWall FreeStyle offers your visitors even more challenges and competition. Two different game options are available on the game board to test the player's speed and responsiveness. The player must hit as many pods as possible within one minute. It is also possible to play a duo game: two game boards are connected to each other so that the players can compete against each other.

Measurements: 1220 x 55 x 1400 mm.

High-9 Duo

A 9-light vertical speed and reaction game that seriously challenges players’ bounce control and hand-eye coordination. Best installed as a ‘duo’ for 1-on-1 battles, with a variety of colour options to suit any trampoline park’s colour scheme. 1 minute games where the scoreboard automatically tracks the scores and announces the winner.

A single High-9 is made up of 3 multifaceted mouldings.

Measurements single High-9 Moulding: 750 x 200 x 700 mm.


A versatile test of agility and reaction that brings a genuine ‘WOW’ factor to a trampoline park. SkyPods can be installed in any configuration of 5, 7 or 9 pods and as a competing pair. Use of creative backing graphics will make them a compelling, eye-catching feature. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Measurement single SkyPod: 205 Ø x 40 mm.

Climbing Challenges


An interactive climbing wall in two format options – wall-mounted, or standalone as a hexagon. Unique easy-to-hold hand grips, interactive light-up grips, sounds, game timer and scoreboard. Players can choose from two game options, scoring points as they climb up and along the wall.

TrailBlazer Traverse

A wall-mounted traversing wall with either six or eight 1100 mm-wide sections. Highly space-efficient, e.g. along a side wall. Up to 8 players.

TrailBlazer Hex

A 6-sided standalone interactive climbing wall, which makes a visually stunning centrepiece installed over crash matting or a foam pit. Can be used by up to 6 children at one time.

Fully assembled details: 2180 x 1890 x 2180 mm.

Target Games

Dodge Attack

Dodge Attack gives a new dimension to the Dodgeball trampoline area or the Multi Sport Arena! The interactive game boards are hung above the trampolines. When a team hits the opponent's board with the ball, the board lights up and they score points. The scoreboard automatically tracks the scores.

Measurements: 70 x 80 mm.


Interactive 8-target game system that can transform a WalkWall into an eye-catching and addictive challenge. Score points by clearing the lights with your feet as you bounce up and along the wall. Three game programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Measurements per target: 600 x 75 x 340 mm.


Exciting interactive target system for the multi-sport arena. Perfect for soccer, handball and penalty shootouts. Brightly lit targets which flash and make exciting sounds when hit, add a new dimension of fun for all players. Teams work together to hit opponent’s targets and defend their own. Team with the most hits wins.

Measurements – single target: 1005 x 60 x 1005 mm.


A 1v1 all-action, high-tech, high-tempo target game. Score points for every goal scored as you aim to top the leaderboard. Brightly lit targets which flash and make exciting sounds when hit, add a new dimension of fun for all players. AeroStrike brings Cage ball or shooting galleries to life.

Measurements: 1000 x 650 x 450 mm.

Raceway Timers

Trigger Trac Timer System

The timer system will challenge the visitors in your park even more. Everyone wants to compete with friends and get high scores. You press the screen to start the game, complete the ninja course or sport parkour as quickly as possible and press the button to stop the time.

We offer the possibility to install the timer system for single and double courses. For example, individual can use the timer system to achieve a high score, but there can also be fights between two players.

More interaction in your park

If you would like advice on interactive playground equipment in your park, we will gladly advise you about the possibilities. Contact our sales department via or +31 (0)411 745 300.

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