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Relaxed playing, for parents and children

Eric Verstappen and Henk Joosten: "We go the extra mile for every customer".

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"I don't believe in one-time discounts, my regular customers will be rewarded."

Indoor playground KidsZoo in Noordwijkerhout offers hours of active fun for the children, but also meets the wishes of the parents. On lovely lounge sofas they can relax while watching their children play. There’s something for everyone!

"Our guests choose us very specifically. Some people go to a playground four or five times a year, but will choose us three or four times. I think we're doing well," says owner Krijn van Dijk with pride. "Every year, we welcome some 75,000 visitors.”

6 meters in the air!

When asked which attraction is most popular with the children, the entrepreneur laughs out loud: "The whole playground is one big attraction. The children use all the elements and the offer is for everyone. ELI Play advised us in this. Van Dijk's eye-catcher is the brightly coloured, 6-metre-high climbing volcano. A real challenge, especially for the younger visitors: "Look, daddy, I've made it!" we regularly hear proud climbers calling down.

From beer mat to business plan

Krijn van Dijk is a father himself and visited several playgrounds with his wife and his then young children. He observed a number of things. Van Dijk saw opportunities for a new and unique quality playground. He started calculating on a beer mat and soon there was a serious business plan. In ELI Play he found the perfect partner for his children's playground. "ELI Play delivered an exceptional performance; they completed the entire hall in two months' time.”

2000 m2 for romping and learning by playing

KidsZoo guarantees an afternoon of fun for children, where they can run, slide, climb, fly, fall, get up and continue to play without any worries. In this way the children get rid of their energy, but also develop their motor skills and social skills. In their own world of playing and climbing, the children grow into quick and easy climbers and they make many new friends. If they have to catch their breath for a while, there are plenty of alternatives. From drawing and colouring to hopscotch and old-fashioned can throwing.

100% guarantee on action and fun for the whole family

"KidsZoo has been doing really well from the start", says Van Dijk with pride. "Together with ELI Play, we thought carefully about surprising playing structures that offer the children enough challenge for an afternoon of active playing fun. For parents, there is a pleasant and well-organized catering area with luxurious lounge benches, where they are served at the tables. In this way, they can watch their children and relax at the same time. “High-level service and it shows. The reading table is up to date, the big screen shows how Federer is defeated at the US Open and a mother quickly deals with some emails while she keeps an eye on her two sons. Everyone has also been considered in the composition of the menu: snacks for young visitors, along with luxury sandwiches and healthier choices such as salads, yoghurt and fruit.

Parents can relax on lounge sofas in our playground.

Krijn van Dijk

Regular customers are rewarded

"We see some visitors very regularly. These children from zero to four run through your place for two or three years," says Van Dijk when he is asked about his regular customers.

The loyal customers of KidsZoo are seen as the most important ambassadors and can enter the building at an advantageous price. For example, there are annual passes for unlimited admission, savings cards for free admission and 10-ride cards for inexpensive admission.

Our loyal customers are our most important ambassadors.

Entrepreneur Krijn indoor playground kidszoo

"For our regular guests, the indoor playground in Noordwijkerhout is the ideal day out. This is evidenced by the number of repeat visitors and annual passes we sell. Owner Van Dijk does not believe in giving discounts 'just like that'; this often attracts people who only come for the discount. He therefore makes limited use of discount offers and will always come up with some original ideas. There is the Little Big Shopper, a small goodie bag with great offers and a free ticket. The birthday boy who celebrates his birthday in KidsZoo can come in free of charge with the 'birthday free' ticket. And to stimulate early visits, there is the KidsZoo Kwartiertje: free entrance at the beginning of the day.

The service of ELI Play: "5 stars!

Van Dijk gives priority to the maintenance and hygiene of the indoor playground: "The safety of visitors is, of course, paramount. Van Dijk is more than satisfied with the collaboration with ELI Play. "When I call them for recovery or an adjustment, the staff at ELI Play always take an extra check-up. The maintenance keeps everything looking neat and the playing structures last longer.”

Number 1 for two years!

KidsZoo receives a lot of enthusiastic reactions, from visitors and from the industry. The playground has been declared Best Playground of Zuid-Holland for the past two years by Dagje Uit.

The indoor playground also scores very highly online: visitors give KidsZoo 4.7 out of 5 stars on Facebook and 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Tripadvisor review site. Guests praise the entertainment for the children, the clarity of the hall and the service, hygiene and friendliness of the staff.

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