The Power Tower from ELI Play, climbing to the top

The Power Tower is a climbing challenge that is an absolute must-have for any playground. Kids love it!


The ELI Play Power Tower is made from elastic straps. Children can use these to climb safely to the top. The tower is either round or square-shaped. A Power Tower has at least three layers and can be expanded to no less than eight layers.


As a standalone device, the Power Tower must be connected to the ceiling or a wall. An easier way is to integrate the tower into a play structure or to connect it to the play structure using crawling tubes and rope bridges.


Because of its popularity, the Power Tower is often used very intensively. It is recommended that the elastic straps are replaced regularly, as a precaution. This is a simple task that doesn't require professional help.


The addition of an Observation Bubble increases the fun of the Power Tower even more.

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  • Standard delivered with safety flooring
  • The diameter of the tower is 2.56 metres
  • Maximum height: 6.83 metres
  • Available in 13 colours
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