The Climbing Volcano, available in 90, 180 and 360 degrees

The ELI Play Climbing Volcano is a very impressive product. Its size, 17 metres wide with a minimum height of at least 4 metres, makes this a very noticeable attraction.


The Climbing Volcano is made from a steel structure. The vinyl sheet covers the structure, allowing the children to slide down safely. The Climbing Volcano is surrounded by safety flooring. Grips are fitted around the volcano, enabling the children to climb up.


The Climbing Volcano can be delivered in a 180 degrees version, to be placed against a wall or as part of a play structure, or a 360 degrees version for standalone use. The device is available in two sizes: with a height of 3.80 metres and 4.65 metres. The highest point has a platform that gives children a clear view of the entire playground. The Climbing Volcano can be optionally fitted with a stainless-steel slide, or a plastic closed slide. There are several themes available for the volcano.


To ensure safe playing, the Climbing Volcano must be fitted on a smooth surface. Active supervision is required, to prevent falls.


The ELI Play Climbing Volcano can be used as an addition to an existing playground, or as a standalone device. The 180 degrees version can be integrated into a play structure.

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  • Diameter 17 metres
  • Available in 90, 180, 360 degrees versions
  • Available with different play routes
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