The Soft Ball Experience is an increasingly recurring attraction

Children of all ages have fun with this hilarious attraction, whereby soft balls are whizzing past your ears.


The Soft Ball Experience consists of a room that can be equipped with various elements including ball fountains, ball cannons and ball shower. Only foam balls are used, to guarantee fun and safety. The space is made up of a steel frame with floorboards. The steel frame is covered with soft materials. The fountains, canons and ball shower work with a compressor.


The Soft Ball Experience is included in the Play Structure 90 percent of the time. The attraction is built in different levels, bringing the canons to a higher level. A piping system transports the balls to a higher level.


The use of soft foams allows children to play to their heart's content without hurting each other. The elements of the attraction are controlled by a compressor and with electricity. The cables are neatly cleaned and placed out of the reach of children.


In order to keep the electrical elements in optimal condition, the Soft Ball Experience requires some maintenance. For example, the compressor must remain dust free and must be checked regularly.

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  • Foam balls are delivered in mixed colours
  • Foam balls are available in a diameter of 6 centimetres
  • Extensive range of challenging elements
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