Soft play materials for toddlers

ELI Play offers a broad range of Soft Play products, allowing the youngest children to experience a wonderful day.


All Soft Play elements are made from soft foam, covered by a strong layer of vinyl. This keeps children safe when they play with all the elements. Some of the elements, such as the themed rockers and Soft Play animals, contain a wooden frame, making them stronger and more durable.


The Soft Play elements are a wonderful addition to a play environment for children aged zero to four years. They can climb and tumble over the single elements. The elements are often used in combination with a small play structure, specially designed for the youngest children.


The Soft Play elements are covered in a soft foam, offering extra safety. The sturdy vinyl covering the elements is easy to clean.


ELI Play's expanded Soft Play range allows for a simple exchange or addition of elements.


  • Personal themes optional
  • The elements are available in different themes, including a jungle, ocean and farm theme
  • Made with a wooden frame for additional strength
  • The elements are available in different animal shapes, such as a crocodile, an octopus and a ladybug
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