The Airbag is a concept in the trampoline world.

Since the start of ELI Play, we see this element coming back in the parks. The Airbag is an air cushion that ensures each jumper lands safely.


The Airbag is controlled by two compressors. The top of the Airbag can be supplied with a logo of the park. The Airbag can be deliverd in different sizes.


The Airbag can be included in the structure, but can also be placed as a standalone attraction. The Airbag is often installed in combination with the Jump Tower.


The use of a double compressor ensures extra safety. Supervision is still needed at the Airbag. This allows the operator to make sure that the Airbag is used correctly and to prevent unfortunate jumps.


To keep the Airbag in optimal condition, the compressors need regular maintenance. The Airbag should also be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth to prevent wear.

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  • Different sizes possible
  • Supplied with two compressors
  • Often delivered in combination with the Jump Tower
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