The Jump Tower is for the real daredevil.

Jump from one and a half or two metres down into the Airbag.


The Jump Tower is built with a sturdy steel structure and is equipped with jumping areas to jump from. Soft materials are placed around the steel for fall damping. The Jump Tower is always delivered in combination with an air bag.


The Jump Tower can be connected to the Jump Arena, but can also be placed as a standalone attraction. When integrating in the Jump Arena, an air bag is placed within a steel frame.


For safety reasons it is necessary that the Jump Tower is supervised. The Jump Tower also comes with a screening option; this allows the tower to close if there is not enough staff.


The Jump Tower needs little or no maintenance.

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  • Jumping surface from 1.5 or 2 metres
  • Always used in combination with Airbag
  • Supervision needed
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