Your own Big Bounce course in your park

We know the television show Big Bounce from RTL and TF1. This trampoline course - developed by ELI Play and EndemolShine together - is full of obstacles that participants have to jump over or climb over. Based on this famous Big Bounce trampoline course, we developed a variant especially for trampoline parks: Big Bounce for leisure.


The Big Bounce course consists of various parts that jumpers have to jump on or over. We developed a number of variants of different lengths, obstacles and difficulty levels for the course.

Safety Big Bounce Trampolines

The Big Bounce course is adapted for trampoline parks; the extreme elements have been replaced by challenging safe obstacles. The safety of the jumpers is always paramount. The Big Bounce course is always placed as a freestanding attraction, for both sports facilities and trampoline parks. A supervisor is present to supervise the jumpers.


The course must be checked regularly. Jump sheets, springs and obstacles can wear out during intensive use; maintenance is required.

More information on the Big Bounce trampoline course

If want to find out if the Big Bounce trampoline course is an asset to your park, or if you want to explore to the different variants, we offer various Big Bounce courses. Our sales staff will be happy to inform you about the possibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your park.

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  • Supervision needed
  • Standalone attraction
  • Also a challenge for free runners
  • With impact absorbing materials for extra safety
  • DiffĂ©rentes courses disponibles
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