Challenging free runners parkour from ELI Play

The Parkour offers a new challenge for free runners who want to explore their limits when they come to a trampoline park.


The Parkour offers different elements. There are, for example, climbing racks, made from round tubes with soft materials. In addition, there are climbing blocks that consist of a steel tube structure provided with tarpaulins. The obstacles in the parkour are manufactured from wood, foam and vinyl.


The Parkour is a standalone attraction that can be added to Play, Jump and Sports parks.


Each Parkour is equipped with soft materials. The tubular frame is coated with tuff padding and the elements are equipped with foam to ensure soft landings.


The Parkour should be checked and cleaned regularly. The Parkour can wear out if used intensively; maintenance is required.

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  • No standard combinations
  • Different levels possible
  • Also a challenge for free runners
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