The Foampit of ELI Play

Of course you prefer to practice your latest tricks as safe as possible. This is possible in the FoamPit. Jump from the Waterfall trampoline in the FoamPit or engage in the battle on our balance beam.


The FoamPit is constructed of a steel construction between which a jumping field is stretched at a height of 70 centimetres. The rest of the space, about 1 meter, is filled with foam blocks. The foam block ensures a soft landing when the jumper is practicing his tricks.


The FoamPit is always combined with a Ninja Course and/or Stunt Area.


The FoamPit offers a safe environment for the jumper – the ideal place to practice his tricks. The Foampit is surrounded with soft landing mats.


The FoamPit requires some maintenance. In case of intensive use, the attraction must be cleared every month. The entire basin must be cleaned and the pulverized foam should be removed. The basin can then be refilled with new blocks.


  • Foam blocks are available in yellow, green, blue, grey, black, purple and red
  • In combination with a Ninja Course and/or Stunt Area
  • Total height FoamPit 1.7 metres
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