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Crazy Jump conquers market with sportsmanship and fun

"I want to offer the biggest indoor playgrounds in the Netherlands”

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Opening of the largest indoor trampoline park in North Rhine-Westphalia

On the time-lapse video, the realization of the brand new Crazy Jump in Wuppertal looks like a smooth job. The video takes only few minutes but in reality this was a process of several weeks. The realisation was a tough job, Salvatore Failla remembers and laughs: "Our guests did not even notice that the last jumping equipment was ready half an hour before the official opening.”

The manager of Crazy Jump, which is part of Sportpark Vohwinkel in Wuppertal with a large fitness centre, says that the new attraction is a resounding success. On peak days, many hundreds of visitors of all ages can enjoy themselves in the centre realised by ELI Play, which is much more than just a trampoline park.

Various elements trampoline park

In the former tennis, squash and badminton hall, the dodge ball attraction turns out to be popular with groups, as does the game element of the Basket Jump, the crazy jumps on the Half Pipe and the challenging Battle Beam. One of the toppers is the Trapez, where daredevils land safely – and with a big smile - in the Foampit.

Business manager Failla is more than satisfied. “Our guests, who look for sportsmanship and fun, can really experience something new here. When they come in, they often don't believe their own eyes. So much fun, with more than one hundred attractions on over 5,000 square meters!”

Trapez ELI Play

The success of Crazy Jump

The Crazy Jump has therefore tapped into market in Wuppertal and the surrounding area, with individual arrangements and special packages for children's parties and company outings. Failla:"We got attention on regional TV and radio in no time. We also put a lot of effort into promotion through social media. All this has worked: Crazy Jump is well on its way to becoming a household name throughout North Rhine-Westphalia"!

Check the time-lapse video:

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