Jump and Fly over the Jump Obstacles of ELI Play

The Jump Arena is a field of terraced trampolines. To add more challenges to the Jump Arena, we continuously develop new Jump obstacles, such as the Trapeze and the Jumpblock. The Trapeze can be mounted between two jumping fields. A Jumpblock can even get the size of a trampoline. With continuous new Jump Obstacles, the Jump Arena remains challenging for any visitor, also in the long term.


The Jump Obstacles are placed in the Jump Arena. To maintain the shape of the elements, a wooden frame is used in some cases. All elements are equipped with foam for a safe fall damping and are lined with vinyl, which is easy to maintain. The Jump Obstacles are available in different colours and/or vinyl with themed print work.


The Jump Obstacles are always integrated into the Jump Arena.


The Jump Obstacles require little maintenance. The elements should be checked regularly for damage. Due to regular use, the elements wear out; replacement is necessary.

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  • Wide range of various elements
  • Available in eleven standard vinyl colours and/or printed vinyl
  • Expansion of the Jump Arena
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