Each trampoline park needs a Tumbling Lane!

A long trampoline to practice all your tricks.


The Tumbling Lane is a long trampoline which consists of a tubular structure, a jumping field, springs and soft landing mat. The jumping field is made of a trampoline sheet with a dense structure. The springs are specially designed for the ELI Play trampoline parks. The landing mats are produced with two different types of foam.


The Tumbling Lane is incorporated in trampoline parks. This can be placed as a separate element, but the attraction can also be incorporated into the Jump Arena.


Supervision is important for the safety of the Tumbling Lane. Supervision can prevent collisions.


The Tumbling Lane needs regular maintenance, both at the bottom and the top. The operator must regularly check the spring surfaces for damage. The springs under the trampoline should also be checked regularly.

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  • Vinyl available in 16 colours
  • Coloured steel possible
  • Supervision needed
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