The twister has been specially developed for trampoline parks to challenge your opponents. Who will stay in the game the longest?

Twister for trampoline parks

Most people recognize the Twister as the sweeper from the famous television show Wipe-out. The Twister has been specially developed for trampoline parks and offers challenge and fun for all visitors. The twister's arms rotate and the jumpers have to jump over it in time. Eight jumpers can participate in the game at the same time. Jumpers with different skill levels are challenged by the different sizes of the trampoline surfaces and the speed of the Twister.


The Twister consists of eight jump surfaces with a foam wall around them. The foam wall creates an enclosed space in which jumpers can jump safely. Two softly padded arms are attached to the twister so that the jumpers do not get hurt if they do not jump high enough or if they jump too late.


The twister can be integrated in a trampoline park and can also be placed as a standalone attraction. The Twister is very popular because groups can jump together.


The fence around the twister ensures that other visitors do not just jump on the trampolines during the game. This allows the jumpers who participate in the game to jump safely. The arms of the twister are covered with soft materials so that no one gets hurt. There is always a supervisor present for your safety.


Daily inspection of the Twister is required. Make sure all electrical components are working properly. Check the padding, jump sheets and arms of the twister for cracks or damage.

Integrating a twister into your trampoline park

If you want a twister in your trampoline park, you've come to the right place. Together, we will look at the possibilities for your park. For more information please contact us via or +31 (0)411 745 300.

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  • 12 x 12 m
  • Vinyl available in 16 colours
  • Supervision needed
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