The Walk Wall, a real challenge in your trampoline park

Walking against the wall and jump on the Wall Walk. The Walk Wall offers plenty of entertainment – a challenge for both the youngest children as well as teenagers.


The Walk Wall is made of foam, wood and vinyl. The wooden frame provides firmness; the foam provides safe damping for the jumper who is practicing his tricks. The vinyl protects the whole.


The Walk Wall is installed together with trampolines. The attraction comes in different heights. The Walk Wall can be used to run and jump horizontally. Free runners can indulge themselves with the Walk Wall.


Because of the use of foam and various landing mats, the Walk Wall is provided with fall damping measures. The minimum age of users of this space is seven years. Supervision is required for the safe use of the Walk Wall.


The Walk Wall needs regular maintenance, both at the bottom and the top. The operator must regularly check the spring surfaces for damage. The springs under the trampoline should also be checked regularly. The Walk Walls also need to be cleaned frequently.

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  • Minimum age seven years
  • Produced with wood, foam and vinyl
  • A good training room for free runners
  • Maximum height 1.80 metres
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