Integrate a Rope Course in your leisure park!

There are over 65 climbing parks in Netherlands. Only few know that the challenge of a climbing park can also be included in a Play Structure.


The Rope Course elements are integrated in playground equipment. The elements are integrated in various places in the structure. They are built from natural materials, such as wood. The Rope Course elements are available in different variants including Balance Beam, Climbing Nets and Zigzag bridges.


The elements are included in the play structure or used as a standalone attraction. The elements can be mounted to the steel construction of the structure.


The elements are surrounded with netting and the tubular frame is coated with soft materials, to ensure safe landings.


To keep the attractions in optimal condition, the elements should be checked regularly. This can be done using the control checklist that is supplied when ordering.

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  • More than ten elements standard in the ELI Play offer
  • The Rope Course elements are suitable for children from 4 years old
  • Different lengths are possible
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