Action Factory at Center Parcs de Kempervennen

The Action Factory at Center Parcs de Kempervennen is innovative! ELI Play installed a HiT iT! Arena, double Ninja Course and a Kids Ninja Course.

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Action in the Action factory!

Center Parcs de Kempervennen offers action to its guests! The play and sports equipment are designed for a broad target group. Young children like to test their speed in the Kids Ninja Course and the older children, teenagers and adults take up the challenge in the Double Ninja Course. To make it even more challenging, the interactive HiT iT! Arena has also been added to this park.

HiT iT! Arena

In the Action Factory you will find a large HiT iT! Arena. This is an interactive game, where players must search for targets that are integrated in the various events. They use RFID wristbands to scan the targets and earn points. The aim of the game is to gain as many points as possible and beat other players.

Individual players and groups

The game can be played by individual players and groups as well. Each player gets a RFID wristband to register. Then the game starts and they have to climb, clamber, jump, and pass obstacles to find the targets. Some targets are easy to find and others are more difficult. The targets which are difficult to find or reach give more points. After 20 minutes, playtime is over and it is time to compare scores on the scoreboard. On this you can check the daily, monthly and all-time high scores.

Double Ninja Course

A spectacular event that immediately stands out is the Multi-level Ninja Course! Two routes have been created in it, a challenging route and a route for the professionals. By pressing the green button, the timer starts. Players climb through the nets and platforms to the other side, then go up via the PowerTower or climbing wall, where they have to pass the next challenges to reach the other side. From there, they slide down, press the finish button and then the game times appears on the screen.

Kids Ninja Course

Especially for children, we have designed a Kids Ninja Course. It is a long course where two players can battle against each other. They start at the same time and run, climb, clamber and jump over the obstacles they come across along the way. The player who reaches the finish line first is the winner!

ELI Play – the manufacturer of play and sports equipment

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