Indoor playground holiday park Eiland van Maurik

A fantastic new indoor playground has been built on holiday park Eiland van Maurik! ELI Play installed a large play structure and interactive HiT iT! Arena.

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Holiday park Eiland van Maurik

Eiland van Maurik is a water paradise for young and old! Located in the middle of the Betuwe region, the holiday park has its own marina and sandy beach. Various recreational activities are offered such as water sports, entertainment and swimming, making it the perfect location for a family holiday.

Family Entertainment Center Mauk

The renovation of the new Family Entertainment Centre 'Mauk' started in 2023. The key feature of an FEC is that it offers various activities for different target groups. A number of facilities being built in Mauk are an indoor playground, interactive hit it arena, bowling alleys, karaoke rooms, a kids craft area, restaurant and sports bar. Toddlers, children, teenagers and parents will have a great time here!

Indoor playground: Eiland Avontura (adventure island)

ELI Play designed and installed a large play structure and HiT iT! Arena. Go on an adventure in the play structure that consists of three floors full of climbing obstacles, various bridges and spectacular slides. From the third floor, you can even slide down the sloping slope with a donut! The Donut Glider is a popular attraction, making children climb up again and again to take another slide.

Interactive HiT iT! Arena

You never get bored at Eiland Avontura, because next to the play structure we have built a large Hit It Arena. This interactive game developed by ELI Play is suitable for the older children and teenagers! Players collect points with an RFID wristband which is linked to their name. They will enter the arena and search for targets in the various events and obstacles. The aim of the game is to earn as many points as possible within the set playing time. Each player's score appears on the scoreboard at the end of the game.

The game requires endurance, agility and speed. Climb on the balls and keep your balance to grab the points in the Ballz event or climb upwards through the elastic levels of the Elude Elevation to collect points. The different events are suitable for all players, so anyone can join the challenging game.

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