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A Japanese trend imported from America: Ninja Warrior

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Ninja Warrior: Can you finish the ninja course?

An obstacle course that is nearly impossible to finish. In the Netherlands, 250 contestants were up for the challenge. Their attempts were broadcast on SBS6 in the show Ninja Warrior NL.

It all started in Japan in 1997, where the competition with obstacles is known as “Sasuke.” Over there, the show is currently in its 33rd season. In all that time, only four people managed to make it all the way to the finish line.

International success

The attempts of the Japanese contestants proved to have major international appeal. In several countries, including the United States, other extremely difficult obstacle courses were constructed. Sasuke was renamed “Ninja Warrior.”

Tough competition

Earlier this year, the competition kicked off in the Netherlands. Until then, there had only been ten other international competitors who had managed to complete the course. To encourage the Dutch participants, a cheque worth €25,000 was waiting for them at the finish line.

Home-built obstacle course

Perry Oosterlee – a greengrocer from Alphen aan den Rijn – was interviewed beforehand. During the interview, it became clear that he might just pull it off. He explained that he had been training for the past five years. He had even built his own obstacle course in the woods and taken part in similar competitions in China, Vietnam and Malaysia. He was ready to go!

Fanatical greengrocer

Kim-Lian van der Meij and Dennis van der Geest presented the gameshow on SBS6. Episode after episode everyone saw how fanatical the greengrocer from Alphen aan den Rijn was. Perry reached the finals and made it farther than anyone – although he did not complete the course. His years of training had not been in vain, though. He was chosen as the winner and received a sum of € 10,000. Nevertheless, the ultimate Dutch Ninja Warrior has not been found yet.

Ninja Course at Jump XL Waalwijk

In June of 2016, ELI Play constructed a Ninja Course in Jump XL Waalwijk. The Ninja Course consists of several elements, which makes this activity suitable for both experienced free runners and newcomers. People can compete at various levels. The Ninja Course features floor pads or a foam pit to prevent anyone who falls off from hurting themselves. People can safely discover their inner ninja, but anyone who touches the ground is disqualified.

View a short video about the Ninja Course

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