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Day recreation benefits from improving economy


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Consumers are willing to pay again

The economy is picking up and consumer spending is on the rise. The Dutch day recreation sector benefits from this and is expected to grow 1- 2% in 2017. Despite this growth, the leisure industry continues to be a fighters market.

In recent years the range of leisure activities has increased. For example, there is a rapid growth of trampoline parks across Europe. The offer is also growing due to entrants from other sectors. More and more catering venues are focused on experience in their concepts, such as Bij de Neut in the Dutch Westerhoven. Empty real estate is also being transformed into 'leisure' concepts.


Many companies carry out competition solely based on price. Because of the rapidly changing consumer trends, the life cycle of an attraction keeps getting shorter. Continuous innovation is a key element in starting and keeping a sustainable operation of your own park. Creating a special memory will determine repeat visits from consumers. This can be done by, for example, choosing unique elements, theming and periodic add-ons. At ELI Play, we help clients distinguish themselves by offering something unique.

More visitors

The number of visitors to day recreations increases every year. Now with the economic crisis behind us, consumers like to get away. They are constantly looking for new experiences and types of experiences. The Netherlands is increasingly developing into a tourist hotspot, which increases the number of foreign tourists. In short: there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs in day recreation.

Source: Rabobank Cijfers en Trends 2016/2017

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