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Theming for indoor playgrounds

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Themed playground structures

Complete your playground by adding a theme. We offer the possibility to our customers to create a unique design with the desired colours that match the corporate identity or branding. In addition, we provide various prints and objects to create an experience. Create a underwater world, fairy tale castle, jungle or pirate ship. These are just some examples, the possibilities are endless!

2D and 3D theming

We offer two different theming options to our customers: 2D and 3D theming.

2D theming

By adding printed drapes to your playground, you create a park that matches your corporate identity. If your playground is located near the beach, choose a ‘beach theme’ with drapes that shows the sea, lighthouses, animals and more.

2D theming is often used for kids corners. With printed drapes, you create extra atmosphere and coherence. We have realised various jungle themed kids corners in garden centres and Italian themed play structures in Italian restaurants. Check out a few examples of our 2D themed play structures:

Themed volcano and play structure
Themed volcano and play structure

3D theming

Bring your playground to life by adding 3D theming. We can produce various constructions and objects, such as a pirate ship, a castle, jungle elements or ocean animals. Take a look at a few examples of our 3D themed playgrounds:

Themed indoor playgrounds
Themed indoor playgrounds

Playground with your custom theme

Besides standard prints, it is possible to create your own custom theme for your leisure park. Design your own prints for your play equipment. These prints can be used for the drapes of the play structure and equipment, the floor pads and decks, the climbing volcano, soft play elements and climbing walls. With your own prints you can develop a unique playground!

Would you like to know more about theming?

Send a request for our catalog or contact our sales department via or +31(0)411 745 300 to discuss the possibilities for theming.

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