3D indoor playground, Suniland Caracas, Venezuela

Playing at Suniland Caracas feels just like being on a real pirate ship. The wooden 3D theming provide guests with a unique experience.

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Make your Indoor Playground unique by adding 3D theming of ELI Play

The average temperature in Venezuela is 25 degrees Celsius. You would think not too many children would like to play indoors in such a climate. However, the winters there can be wet, just as in Western Europe. Suniland Caracas, located in the Tolon Fashion Mall, gets a lot of visitors who want to stay dry. The combination of an indoor playground and a shopping centre brings advantages to both parties.

Suniland Caracas is a fully wooden thematised playground, offering room for fun to more than 200 children at a time. The playground offers numerous activities, including a thematised play structure in the shape of a pirate ship and a slide that ends in the shape of a shark. Suniland offers fun with an edge. Suniland has something special to offer to all its visitors, from toddlers to teenagers.

You will be impressed from the moment you enter the food court at Tolon Fashion Mall. The entrepreneur behind Suniland has been living a dream ever since the playground's doors opened. He has since been able to roll out this concept at several different locations. The company is planning to start expanding from indoor playgrounds into trampoline parks, a unique concept for Venezuela. ELI Play is currently the preferred supplier of the park's play devices.

“Suniland is the ideal place for my children, who are 4 and 7 years old. The activities are all styled in the pirate theme. The slides are the absolute favourites. Personally, I like the fact that it is clean, and everything is well maintained. Child safety is key, and the staff is very friendly.”

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