The challenging Kart Track of ELI Play

The Kart Track is extremely popular among children. It allows them to ride electric cars or bikes independently.


The Kart Track is completely tailor-made, using miniature kart barriers that allow the design of the course to fit into almost any space. The track can use two flexible systems:

  • The Deluxe system This system consists of basic modules, each 100 centimetres long and 11 centimetres high. The modules have rubber shock absorbers and plastic bumper strips. The floor module can be fitted with an access gate, 100 centimetres wide and 86 centimetres high. The total height, including the floor and fencing, is 97 centimetres.
  • Smart system This system matches the play structure and is fitted with rubber shock absorbers and plastic bumper strips.


The Kart Track should preferably be placed on a strong, concrete surface. If the available floor does not have the right quality, there are other alternatives, including the use of an additional frame. The Kart Track is delivered without cars or bikes.


The use of the Kart Track requires supervision, to prevent crashes.


The Kart Track is a great addition to any existing play park, but can also be placed as a standalone device.

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  • Selection of Deluxe or Smart system
  • Including shock absorbing strips
  • Cars or bikes not included
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