Climbing without safety fuses

The Climbing Walls of ELI Play are up to 3.26 metres high. Children can climb to their heart’s content without needing safety fuses.


The Climbing Walls are made of wood sheets with soft foam. These are covered with vinyl. Under the Climbing Walls, additional thick floor sections (with extra foam) are placed for additional fall damping. The different colour grips show the various routes. The climbing walls are assembled through a steel structure.


The Climbing Wall can be incorporated in a device on the lowest floor and the wall can also be placed as an independent attraction. The Climbing Wall can be themed by means of a printed back wall, matching the theme of the Play Structure.


The extra thick subfloor increases the fall damping. This allows children to climb on this wall without safety fuses.


The climbing wall needs minimal maintenance, although ELI Play does recommend checking the handles regularly.

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  • Back wall theming possible
  • Capacity: one person per floorboard
  • Maximum height: 3.26 metres
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