The Ladder Challenge is a real challenge

Keep your balance, climb up and reach the top. This is a real challenge, for both children and adults.


The ELI Play Ladder Challenge is a climbing ladder that tilts when a climber loses his or her balance and moves too far to the left or right. The floor below the ladder is fitted with an extra thick floor layer, ensuring soft and safe landings. The floor is made from wood and foam, covered with colourful vinyl.


The Ladder Challenge is placed as a standalone device and can be fitted with one or two ladders. The two-ladder version offers users an additional competitive edge. It allows children to challenge each other, or their parents, to climb up as fast as they can. The first one at the top is the winner!


The use of extra thick floor mats ensures that climbers who don't make it to the top, always have a soft landing.

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  • All themes optional
  • Available with one or two ladders
  • Optional: add a bell
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