The ELI Play Magic Wheel uses gravity to move

The wheel starts turning when you walk across it, creating a magical game. Play with gravity!


Both the Magic Wheel and the floor are covered with foam and vinyl. The turning mechanism underneath the Magic Wheel allows it to start moving. The Magic Wheel is 2.44 metres wide and requires an additional fall zone of 1.22 metres.


The Magic Wheel can be integrated into the floor layer of a play structure, or used as a standalone attraction. The turning wheel is available in a large number of single colours. The Magic Wheel can also be designed in a specific theme.


For the safety of the users, the Magic Wheel requires a free fall zone of 1.22 metres surrounding the device.

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  • The minimum space required is 5 x 5 metres
  • Minimum height: 4 metres
  • Standard available in 9 colours
  • The Magic Wheel has a diameter of 2.44 metres
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