Dive into the exciting and challenging world of SisyFox and improve your health while gaming.

SisyFox is designed to get you moving. By means of a ball you move SisyFox through mountains and valleys. If you go up the mountain, you'll have to step up a gear. If you go through the valley, your strategic skills will be put to the test. Use all your muscles in your arms, shoulders and core to score as many points as possible.

What are the benefits of SisyFox in your indoor park?

Looking for a new innovation in your indoor playground, Family Entertainment Center or trampoline park? SisyFox is a very suitable standalone attraction: easy to activate and easy to install. With SisyFox you bring innovation and fun together in your indoor park. Children can play the game alone or with friends or family. Different levels ensure that everyone can play SisyFox without supervision!

Fast turnaround times

SisyFox consists of different games and worlds. How good you are will increase your playing time from one minute to a maximum of five minutes. You need about 3 square meters to place SisyFox and it weighs about 50 kilos. This makes the game easy to move and the total installation only takes 15 minutes.

Available games SisyFox

The following games are availble: SisyFox Classic, Downhill, Bashball, Rumble Royale.

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