No climbing experience required thanks to the TRUBLUE system.

Challenge and Fun, Clip 'n Climb knows how to combine these two values into an easily accessible climbing activity that is suitable for all ages. Clip 'n Climb uses TRUBLUE technology that allows climbers to climb themselves without a climbing partner. With the TRUBLUE safety fuse, Clip 'n Climb creates a dynamic and safe climbing experience.

Clip ’n Climb’ s safe and themed climbing walls

Climbing safely to a height of 10 meters is possible with the Clip 'n Climb climbing system. Cheerful, coloured climbing walls that can be climbed completely independently. The name says it all: clip yourself in with the TRUBLUE System and climb up!

Why should I buy Clip 'n Climb?

Clip 'n Climb climbing walls can be installed as a supplement to indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks or family animation centres. Adding Clip 'n Climb will give you the chance to broaden your offer. Create your own Family Entertainment Centres by combining ELI Play, Clip 'n Climb and Valo Motion products.

Video supplied by Clip 'n Climb International / Entre-prises

What is Clip ’n Climb’s wow factor?

The Clip 'n Climb Challenge offers a challenge to all participants by combining different climbing challenges. Because of the cheerful colours and different difficulty levels,
the climbing walls are accessible and suitable for everyone! If you are at the top of the climbing wall, you can let go and the TRUBLUE system will bring you safely down. Climbing experience is not required, making the climbing walls of Clip 'n Climb accessible to everyone.

ELI Play is a distributor of Clip 'n Climb.


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