Indoor playground at the Poenenhof

The Poenenhof is an adventure farm on the Lower Rhine in Germany, the perfect place for a holiday or day out.

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Holiday or day out

The Poenenhof is the ideal base in the countryside, with plenty of activities for everyone. They offer holiday homes and group accommodation to enjoy several days of rest and countryside activities, but it is also the perfect location for a day out or a children's party. There are various animals such as donkeys, goats and rabbits, as well as the opportunity to play a game of football or beach volleyball.

Adventures in the barns

The farm no longer serves as a farm, but as a place for relaxation and fun! Therefore, the barn has been transformed into a huge play barn for visitors where various activities are offered.

In this area, we have installed a large three-level play structure where children can play and explore. They race through the play structure over and through all obstacles and from level to level. Using the crawl tubes and slides, they can quickly move to another place in the structure. And what fits the farm better than the cow rocker? This one is hidden at the back of the play structure, but offers a lot of fun.

Building your own play structure?

Would you like to add a playground or kids corner to your farm, hotel, camping or restaurant? All our playground equipment is tailor-made in the Netherlands. We work together with our customers to find the best design to offer visitors as much fun as possible. The possibilities are endless! Please, contact us at +31(0)411 745 300 of

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