Indoor playground Hotel Heppie Vierhouten

ELI Play had the opportunity to realise a colourful indoor playground, this structure is about 180 square metres and allows children to have fun in a positive, safe and stimulating environment.

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Hotel Heppie

A second location of Hotel Heppie was recently built on the Veluwe, in the middle of the Netherlands, a special place for vulnerable children. Everything is designed to meet the wishes and needs of children, families and volunteers. This allows children to leave their worries behind and retreat and develop in a safe and pleasant environment. The holidays and weekends are organised especially for children and families who are having a hard time because there are problems at home. Therefore, having fun and making friends, carefree play, safety and positivity are at the heart of a stay.

Carefree play

In the three-storey play structure installed by ELI Play, children can enjoy and play carefree, letting their imaginations run wild and having adventures. With each obstacle overcome, each bridge crossed and each jump on the trampoline, children feel freed from worries and can fully immerse themselves in the moment. In the large Multi-sport arena, children can practise various ball sports and play together with others. The most wonderful building creations can be made in the fun block area and the drop slide is always one of the favourite attractions. Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are having fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

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